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Don't give up on your current TV

Sometimes a small fix is all your beloved TV needs. We know that when a picture or sound goes, you might think about simply replacing the TV but don't give up on the old reliable.


Something like a simple bulb often does the trick. Bring your on-the-fritz television to Johnny's TV so we can diagnose the problem and find the solution at a reasonable cost.

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We Service All Brands

Call to have your TV repaired today!


We'll also come to you

Bring in your TV or have one of our technician make a house call, and we'll figure out what's wrong with your TV and get it working like new again.


We'll troubleshoot a number of common issues to get to the root of the problem so you'll be watching your favorite shows and movies on your television set in no time.

At your service

 •  TV parts

 •  Screen repairs

 •  Audio repairs

 •  Internal repairs

 •  Color repairs

 •  Button repairs

 •  Services for many brands


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