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Enjoy a theater experience at home

Make your living room, family room, or game room into a state-of-the-art theater room.


Enjoy quality sound and picture every time you listen to music, watch TV, or play a video game. Everything you need for a home theater experience will be within your fingertips.

Entertain yourself and your guests with the latest home theater technologies!


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Professional setup to get the job done right

Don't come home with all your new components and not know what to do next. Remember, there's always someone there to help.


Count on the staff at Johnny's TV to set all your home theater equipment up with professionalism and care. We'll place everything the way it was meant so each aspect of your new or remodeled home theater system flows with perfection.



Service done right

 •  Speaker placement

 •  TV mounting

 •  Wiring

 •  Quality sound

 •  Quality pictures

 •  One easy remote

 •  Stereo surround sound


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